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When I was a kid taking piano lessons, my teacher often told me to just skip the grace notes if they were too difficult, adding that nobody would know. But when I left them out, I knew something wasn’t right, even if others didn’t notice. With practice, they became easier to play, and the music became richer and more enjoyable.

Life is much the same. There are many things we can survive without, but why should mere survival be our only goal? Challenging lifestyle changes grow easier with practice, too.

As Wellness Advocates, my colleagues and I strive to live a rich, abundant life. We’ve gotten pretty good at some grace notes. Others still elude us, but that just means we need more practice.

Research has shown that the health of our friends has a significant impact on our own health, even over long distances. I created Play the Grace Notes to be an empowering community as we all work toward the same goal: a healthy, natural lifestyle. Whether you’ve been practicing for years or are just starting out, we’re in this together.


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